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Funtastic Tuesday!

December 29, 2009

by John Shedletsky


We’ve got a ton of new fun and silly items in the catalog. Here are some of my favorite:

Imperial Fate Ranger – He fights to save eternity!

Satellite – Those satellites are orbiting awfully low … should I be concerned? Nah…it looks cool.

Ramen Bowl – One time my friend told me I was the best at making Ramen. I have a feeling he was just too lazy to heat the water himself. So I threw the ramen bowl on his head.

Super Scuba – An essential accessory for all trips to Sub-Station Beta. Don’t ask what happened to Sub-Station Alpha.

Faerie Wings – Flutter about with these graceful Faerie Wings. Warning – does not actually give you the power to fly.

Bat Wings – A bat in flight can ruin your night.

Starry Eyed – This face (featuring attractive star shaped sunglasses) will have you seeing stars.

Toothless – Normal face minus one or two teeth equals hilarious!

Talk about the new items here.