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Bloxmas Holiday Giftsplosion!

December 11, 2009

by reesemcblox


Hi there! Are you all enjoying the Bloxmas Holiday Giftsplosion?! I know we are enjoying it a lot. Here is a re-cap of the gifts that came out so far.


Opened Verified Gift of Legitimacy

This gift was given to all users who had verified their account email. We really want every account to be verified with a user or parent email, to help protect them from account scams. It’s really helpful! When the box opened this hat came out!

Perfectly Legitimate Business Hat 

Full Spectrum Gift of Groupmaster

This gift was given to users who owned a group that had 9 or more members in it.

Gift of Prime Nexus

This gift was awarded to users who owned at least 1 Limited Unique item with a Prime serial number. Prime numbers are numbers that can only be divided by 1 or themselves, like 37.

Aken Aten’s Gift of Unburnt Glory

This gift has not yet been given.

Gift of Pi Maker’s LamentDouble Decker Gift of Elvenkind

This gift has not yet been given.

Double Decker Gift of Elvenkind

This gift has not yet been given. It looks nifty though!


1. When will the gifts open?

They will open between now and the end of the month. No telling exactly when! They open automatically, you don’t have to do anything special once you have the unopened gift.

2. Why didn’t I get the gift for free?

Each gift has a specific requirement. The user must meet the requirement at the exact time that Telamon gives out the gift. If the user misses the window of opportunity they can still buy the unopened gift.

3. Can I get the gift for free if I am banned?


4. How do I get the gift for free?

This is the fun part! We want the you to try and work it out for yourselves. The staff and Builderman will not be able to give you hints about the remaining unopened gifts. Go to the forums and try to work it out among yourselves. Ask for hints and give suggestions!

If you didn’t get the gifts for free by meeting the requirements then you can still buy them before they open. Check out the catalog for unopened gifts on sale. There are more gifts coming in the next week!