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Wednesday Wrap Up

December 23, 2009

by John Shedletsky

Archive News

We’ve got some epic new stuff in the catalog. Check it out:

Gift of the One Santa – Unite the santas. Save the world.

Double Decker Gift of Elvenkind – This was awarded to users who had all 11 genre elf hats. If you’re going to buy one gift this season – let this be it.

Rudolph – You’ll have a very shiny nose.

Jingle Bells – Jingle all the way!

The Steelbucket Pwn Halo – Will you Ipwn it or will it pwn you?

Sword pack – Because you never know when you’ll need more swords.

Naughty Bag – Naughty … not me!

Ice King – His kingdom is made of icicles and he doesn’t let his servants wear coats.

Talk about the new items here.