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Stainless Steel Gift of December 26th

December 29, 2009

by John Shedletsky

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Ooooh shinyGift update: the Stainless Steel Gift has gone out to everyone who logged into ROBLOX on the 26th. If you missed it, the gift is currently on sale.

Gift FAQ

Q: I didn’t get the gift.

A: You only got the gift automatically if you logged in on Dec 26th.

Q: I think I did log in on the 26th, but I don’t have the gift.

A: As we stated in the previous gift post, we used Central Time, so it’s possible you may have logged in at 11:30 PM on the west coast, and in Central time that was actually Dec 27th.

Q: When will the gift open?

A: Before Jan 1.

Q: What’s inside?

A: Something that goes boom.

Q: Is it worth 100 R$?

A: Almost certainly. Yes.

– Telamon