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Samurai Saturday

November 14, 2009

by John Shedletsky

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Samurai Soldier – Brave and strong singing his Samurai song.

Crimson Helm of the Unsetting Sun – He battles to keep his way of life.

Ludicrous Floppy Hat With Unreasonably Large Bow – One of these things is not like the others – can you guess what it is?

Crimson Katana of the Unsetting Sun – With this sword, victory is the only possible outcome.

The Awe Star AWfully powerful.

Eyes of Azurewrath His eyes are the key to his power.

Mind Reading Device You know when you finish your friends sentence and then he’s like “Dude! You read my mind!”. With this hat it’s like that all the time.

Sub-Zero Survival Gear – Perfect attire for one of those ice hotels. Not so useful in California ….

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