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Operation Awesome!

November 17, 2009

by John Shedletsky


We’ve released some awesome new hats over the past couple of days. Check them out:

Goldface – Although not particularly artful, the name is accurate. His face is gold, and if you wear this, your face will be gold.

Charles de Gaulle – Dress up as the beloved Charles de Gaulle – and I don’t mean the airport.

Arctic Hood – Is the weather outside frightful? This hood is quite delightful.

Tin Foil Hat – Don’t let those baseball bigwigs know what you’re thinking.

Operation Desert Cyclone – With that hat you’ll be prepared for whatever your next mission is.

1950’s Sitcom Star – You can definitely be in the show with this wig.

The Dream of Flight – Functional and stylish!

:] – You know how people talk about happy mediums? This is like medium happy.

Talk about the new items here!