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Interview with RobloTim!

November 8, 2009

by Becky "reesemcblox" Herndon

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ROBLOX player PrivateZack of the fansite RobloxFever gave RobloTim an interview. Let’s see how RobloTim answered these user questions!


What is your favorite thing about working for ROBLOX?

ROBLOTIMMy co-workers. I work with some brilliant and creative people. Just as an example, I’m constantly asking RobloSam questions about .Net development or Vibhu about AJAX to try to learn more.

I work with some

really smart people and I try to steal as much as I can from them. (Read: Erik is a god). On the creativity side, I’ve also found that

the more people I run my new features by, the better of a product it

comes out. Guaranteed.

You can often hear people discussing ideas

across the room here, or constantly walking back and forth to

each others’ desks. There’s really a positive and collaborative feeling

in the air here and it leads to some very cool ideas (as hopefully you

all agree!).

What was your biggest contribution while working for ROBLOX?

Biggest… I’m not sure, you’ll have to ask Builderman :P

Personally, I’m most excited about my work with Groups. Being able to develop a full feature from the back-end database work to the website interface is a great feeling. And it’s still in its early phases. There are so

many more cool things we want to add; I’m very excited about the

future of groups.

How long would you like to work for ROBLOX?


Who would you make a Admin, Mod, or Developer?

I think there are a lot of great users in our community that deserve

credit. Hopefully we can continue to make more features that let kids

keep ROBLOX safe and fun and give credit where credit is due.

I’d particularly like to thank everyone who helps out with our

test/staging site before releases. We need the help to iron out all of

the kinks before releasing to the public, and I (as well as the other

devs) find the feedback on the forums extremely useful.

What is your favorite place on ROBLOX?

Oh man, there are too many to mention. It blows me away at how many

cool places our users make. Recently I’ve been enjoying xLegox’s train

builder, but I don’t think I could pick a favorite.

Is there any other game you like better then ROBLOX?

No way. I live, eat, and sleep ROBLOX. Hah. To be honest though, I

don’t play nearly as many games as I used to. When I was younger I was

really into MMO’s (Everquest, WoW, DAoC), especially PvP oriented

ones, but since I started developing games the last thing I want to do

when I get home is see another video game. I have to keep a balance. I

guess Dark Age of Camelot is my favorite game of all time. Mythic did

a great job on that one.

What is your favorite section of the forums?

I love the creativity in the Role-Playing forums. I also think the

Building Helpers section is a great example of how supportive our

community is.

What is your favorite hat?

Sparkle Time Fedora, obviously!

Why did you become a ROBLOX Admin?

Was poor, needed a job. Haha, no. I’ve always wanted to work in the

game development industry. I’ve also always been interested in

educational game design (my parents were both in education) and I

co-developed a 2D physics game for the Hidden Agenda contest, so

ROBLOX’s educational nature definitely appealed to me. I think it

really gives players an outlet for creativity and definitely teaches

some useful programming skills.

On a scale from 1-10 how much have you enjoyed being interviewed?

10. Well, except that you’ve been holding me up from working on a

SUPER cool new feature!!! No, just joking. I love giving back to our

cool community. You’re what makes ROBLOX rock. Thanks for the

interview :)


Wow that’s pretty awesome! You can talk more about RobloTim’s

interview on the forums!