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I’ll Grant You Three Wishes

November 7, 2009

by John Shedletsky


We’ve got a magical selection of hats this weekend.

Bubble Bee Man – You’ll look bee-utiful in this awesome hat.

Fire Ruby Crest – The more difficult something is to obtain, the more valuable it is. Someone risked life and limb for this hat, that makes it extremely valuable.

Royal Genie – Once he’s out of the bottle, that’s it. You’re not getting rid of him until you make three wishes. I think I’d wish for a Bloxicola. Seems simple enough…

Sand Dancer – His scarf dances in the wind, his sword dances in his hand.

Pizza Knight – He’s fighting for some delicious toppings and extra pizza sauce. A noble cause if ever there were one.

Ebenezer Scrooge – Show everyone just how miserly you are with this expensive hat.

Goldbot Goldbot – So nice we named him twice!

Exoflex Spax Helmex – Journey into outer spax with this XtremE spax helmex. Could this be more awesome!?!?!

The rest of these items will be available tomorrow. You can talk about them on the forums.