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Blue Tuesday!

November 10, 2009

by John Shedletsky


Today we’re celebrating blue hats! We’ve got some cool blue hats (and one cool not so blue hat) for you today.

Backwards ‘R’ Hat – A sweet cap that goes with almost any outfit!

Frost Clan Hillfighter – So cold that it wraps back around to hot – kind of like dry ice.

Space Soldier The bravest soldier in the known universe.

Sir Francis Drake – This salty sea dog had style. It’s undeniable.

Tokyokhaos Froggy – The latest in our Tokyokhaos collection. Collect them all!

Hunter – This hat is mostly to make you look taller to the animals.

Prospector – There’s a gold rush – this golden … well yellowish hat will bring you luck!

Beautiful Brown Hair for Beautiful People – It’s hair! It’s beautiful! It’s for you!

Talk about the new items here.