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Spooky Saturday

October 3, 2009

by John Shedletsky

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This weekend is a great weekend to be a Robloxian! Let’s get started!

Hi-Velocity Phaser 5700 – You should be firing this today!

Space Engineer Engineering in space is a serious business and it requires a serious helmet.

The Dark Reaper – He reaps what you sow.

Pumpkin Head – Funny – that’s what my brother calls me. Hmmm….

Skull Cane – Turns your enemies to dust.

Frank – A Halloween classic!

The Antoinette – Sometimes people like to dress up as historical figures for Halloween. This is for those people!

Mozart – Amadeus Amadeus!

The rest of the items will be on sale on Sunday. Check them out:

Talk about the new items here!