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Spirited Saturday

October 10, 2009

by John Shedletsky


Pirate’s Flintlock – I have a lot of run-ins with pirates. This helps me level the playing field.

Red Fang – I never really cared for cranberry juice. Maybe this is why.

Wicked Top Hat – Finally, a top hat with real character. Perhaps too much character.

Ghost Mask – Don’t worry. He looks like he’d be friendly.

Moneybag – Tired of people throwing their money in your face? Throw it back at them … literally!

Sapphire Drool – Who knew drool could be so elegant?

Tin Man – His noble quest for a heart ended with him realizing he had it all along. Seems like a waste of a quest to me.

Straw Man – BFFs with the Tin Man. Scares crows for a living.

The rest of these items will be available on Sunday. Be sure to check out the catalog then!