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ROBLOX themes

October 30, 2009

by alexg


Today, we are introducing a big feature that we’ve been working hard on – site themes, and a makeover for many of our pages. We’re happy to announce that the site themes and other updates will be available to everyone – You will now be able to go to your account settings, and choose one of two themes (three for OBC): “Classic”, which is the version of the site that you are familiar with, and “Test theme,” which is a new theme that we have developed, and which we hope you will like and help us test.

You’ll notice significant changes throughout the site on all themes. Many pages that haven’t been updated in quite a while have been given a makeover, including pages that you access everyday, like the Games page, the People page, and the Character page. There are many other small improvements throughout the site. For example, we’ve added two small, but handy features on the Catalog page. One allows you to browse the Catalog without all of the information showing, and the other gives you the option to see the items on a dark background. You can also quickly access a place search on the Games page via the Search link.

This is a major update that we’re all looking forward to at ROBLOX. Let us know your thoughts!

Vibhu, the “in before the lock” admin