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Refer a friend, get paid!

October 14, 2009

by alexg


NOTE (8/25/2015): This post is outdated and we have since announced new updates to this feature. Learn more by clicking here.

Today, we’re unveiling a new referral code program. Here’s how it works:

1. Find your referral code. You can find it on the Builders Club page and on the new Share Roblox page. Here’s an example:

2. Share your code with friends. We’ve given you lots of ways to share it on the new Share Roblox page. You can email it to your friend. Email it to yourself to forward to your friends. Open up your normal email program with the message and edit it. Print out referral cards. Memorize it. Write it down. Get a tattoo on your forehead with it. You can also actually go outside and interact with people in real life and give them your code.

3. Get paid. If your friend enters your referral code when creating a new ROBLOX account, we’ll keep that in our history for as long as the account exists. You can see your total friend referral count on the Share Roblox page. If one of the friends you’ve referred goes to sign up for Builders Club at any point, we will fill out their referral code box on the payment page with your code. If they had an account already and they didn’t use your code to sign up, but you still referred them to Builders Club, they can put in your code at the time of payment and you will get credit. When they have successfully upgraded, you and your friend will both get an extra 50 ROBUX and a PM in your inbox letting you know about it. Please note that this referral code is now taking the place of the old way to get an inviter badge. If you refer 4 friends, you will still get the inviter badge, but they have to fill out your code. If they click your link from Share Roblox, however, they will have your code automatically filled in when they sign up. So it will have the same effect as the old system.

4. Win prizes. We want to do something special for our top Builders Club referrer(s) of every month. You can check out our global Referral leaderboards under Share Roblox to see where you stand. On the first day of every month, we will begin a new contest. This month’s prize is very special: a conference call (or online chat) with either Builderman or Telamon. That’s right – the top referrer in our inaugural October month will get a one-on-one conversation with our CEO or everyone’s favorite ROBLOX superstar, your choice. If you were the top referrer of the month, we’ll send you a message with details on how to join the call. There may even be a little something for other top referrers of the month – to find out, start referring friends to ROBLOX and Builders Club now.

Vibhu (Code: 55-868-743)