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Our First Limited Edition Items

October 6, 2009

by John Shedletsky


As most of you know by now, ROBLOX is selling special limited edition items. Once these items sell out, you’ll have to buy them from a private seller. Here’s the latest from the catalog:

Green Bow Tie – Our very first limited edition item! These are a part of ROBLOX history! The Green Bow Tie is also the rarest of the three bow ties with only 100 sold.

Spikey Biker – Keeps you safe, but injures others. Interesting.

Hallowreaper – Our creepiest Halloween costume yet? You be the judge. This is our first limited edition Halloween item.

Raptor Skull – A raptor ate my baby!!

Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People – My new favorite hair. It’s ultra-fabulous!

Purple Bow Tie – There were only 1000 of these limited edition bow tie ever sold.

Darkseed the Fallen – Darkseed is a ROBLOX tradition. It’s back for up for sale for a limited time!

Red Bow Tie – Another limited edition collectible! Only 500 of these were sold.

In addition to these great new items, there are now over twenty old items that have been made limited edition. So if your dream hat was off sale, it may now be available from a private seller. If you have more questions about Limited Edition and Unique Items, you can check out our new forum dedicated exclusively to hat selling activity : Let’s Make a Deal.

Talk about the new items here.