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Halloween Time in Robloxia

October 1, 2009

by John Shedletsky


It’s October and you know what that means – 31 days of Halloween! You can look forward to ROBLOX releasing lots of great Halloween hats and gear throughout the entire month of October. In fact, we’re so excited about Halloween that we’re going to release a different Halloween item everyday this month! Sometimes it will be something spooky, sometimes it will be something silly, and sometimes it will just be something that we think would make a good Halloween costume. We’re kicking October off right with the following stuff:

Bat Sword – This spooky sword will only be available in October.

The Bluesteel Bathelm – This ROBLOX favorite is back for a limited time!

Genlin – Genlins are pretty rare. I’ve never seen one in real life. Have you?

Happy Jack-o’-lantern – He’s awesome because he doesn’t get smashed when you throw him around … unlike real Jack-o’-lanterns who squish the first time you drop them and then your dad makes you clean up all the pumpkin off of your front porch and you’re never allowed to hold a Jack-o’-lantern ever again.

Sk9r Boi – He takes Sk8ing to a whole new level. He Sk9ing. Now that’s extreme!

RBX Neon Cap – These colors just scream extreme!

L8r Sk8r – Optional replies to L8r Sk8er – Take care brown bear or my personal favorite – Hasta mañana, iguana.

zOMG Hat Selling! – It’s happening soon and the ROBLOX team couldn’t be more excited!

Well that’s all for now folks. Talk about the new stuff on the forums.