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Where Are My Places?

September 30, 2009

by roblosam

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Some of you have been wondering why you only see one place on your profile now, and are worried that you have lost your places.

This is not the case. The number of slots in your “Showcase” is determined by your membership level: free members get 1, Builders Club get 10, and Turbo Builders Club get 25. If your membership status changes (you upgrade, downgrade, or it expires), the number of showcase slots will change accordingly. However, due to a bug, there was a period of time where this didn’t happen. The bug was fixed last week, so showcases are now behaving the way they were originally set up to do.

In Telamon’s last post, he touched on one of our guiding principles: “Users will not lose data.” Starting Thursday morning, you will notice under your showcase a link called “Configure My Showcase.” (This is also available at if you would like to access it before then.) Clicking this link will get you a list of all your places, so if you have more places than showcase slots (as happens if your BC / TBC expires), you can choose which place goes in your showcase, and can therefore be played by others. You can change this whenever and as many times as you like. You can also find your places on you “Stuff” page by clicking the “Places” button.

Hope this explains things a little better.


p.s. Look for some very exciting updates coming sooner than you think!