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Share your Roblox Creations

September 2, 2009

by roblosam


For this release, we’ve integrated Facebook Connect functionality into your My Roblox page. What this lets you do is share your character, places, and status updates on your Facebook wall… so you can show them off to your Facebook friends… here’s a real life example from our testing:

I know some of you were concerned about privacy, so just to let you know:

  • We don’t store your Facebook username or password.
  • No one on Roblox can see your Facebook name, profile, or pic… in fact, no one on Roblox will even know if you’re connected to Facebook or not.
  • The feature is only available to Roblox users over the age of 13.
  • There is no need to connect to Facebook if you don’t want to… all Roblox functionality will still be available to you whatever you choose.
  • You can disconnect from Facebook at any time.

Oh, and one other cool thing… when you share your character or place on Facebook, your Facebook friends will see it in their Facebook newsfeeds the next time they log in – and if they like what they see, they can click on the character or place to be brought to its page on Roblox.

To give it a try, click the blue “Connect to Facebook” button underneath your Best Friends.

Wishing you a great Roblo-night,