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ROBLOX Runs on Starblox!

September 17, 2009

by John Shedletsky


Here at ROBLOX we make a lot of trips to our local coffee shop. We often see interesting people there. These people wear hats. Check them out:

Blue Plaid Fedora – Hipsters – no one will admit it but deep in their hearts, they know.

Coffee House Intellectual Imposter – You don’t sell newspapers. You read them. And not on the internet. You like having a physical newspaper and commenting aloud to anyone that will listen. At least you recycle the paper afterward.

Frosthawk – This hair is the real deal. No fauxhawk here. No hair you can easily take down when you have a job interview. You can’t hide blue. This hair is for those committed to the mohawk lifestyle and all that it entails.

Starblox Latte – Delicious! This latte makes your character run at unbelievable speeds.

Soccer Hat – Who doesn’t love soccer? Fun to play, fun to watch!

Father Time – This is maybe the best hair to date. It’s epic and magical!

Roblohunk – Recipe for Roblohunk hair – One part hair, one part curling iron, and a cup of hair gel. Mix thoroughly.

Bull Moose Party – He’s smarter than he looks. Or maybe not.

Sadly, all of our summer interns have gone back to school. We appreciate all their hard work this summer and wish them a great school year! Because they are gone, we’re taking their hats off sale. Get them while you still can!

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