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ROBLOX Explores Space

September 29, 2009

by John Shedletsky

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We’ve got some cool new space hats for you guys today along with a bunch of other cool stuff. Check it out:

Cthulhu – The most hideous creature in the universe!

The Emerald Horned One – A glorious green helm to make all your friends and rivals jealous.

Lunar Landing Astronaut Helmet – Explore the Robloxian Universe with this hat. It’ll keep you safe from any dangers lurking out there.

>_> – Oh no you didn’t!

Straw Demon – Keep away from the fire-breathing cyclops at all costs!

Baby Fire Breathing Cyclops of Doom – Isn’t he adorable! Just make sure he doesn’t have one of his fiery hiccups while you’re feeding him.

Red Ettin – Forget wishing wells, make your wishes on Ettins. It’s cheaper.

NetHack Addict – Finally some cool emoticon glasses!

Talk about the new stuff here.