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Loltastic Weekend!

September 12, 2009

by John Shedletsky


We’ve got some hats and gear that will make you lol this weekend.


Admiral of the Royal Skyfleet – Such a dapper hat for an Admiral.

Tubamaphone – A very fine instrument. Like a regular tuba, but you don’t need hands to play it.

Devo – Are we not Robloxians? We are Devo!

Crouching Tiger – Bad Kitty! Get off my head!

Leland the Lolturtle – His words say lol but his angry expression says something else. The contrast makes me lol.

Halloween Harbringer – This is Halloween? No this is September.

Red Oni – The single horned Red Oni is extremely dangerous.

Blue Oni Dual horned = doubly dangerous.

Talk about the new items on the forum.