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Hat Roundup

September 10, 2009

by John Shedletsky

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We’ve got some sweet (and some prickly) new items for you this week. Check them out:

Ruby Spectofocals – These glasses once allowed the wearer to see infrared – but alas they no longer work. Perhaps they never worked.

Reevee – A metal reevee… very rare indeed.

Cactrot – A happy little cactus to fool your friends. Actually it might scare them. Imagine a half human – half cactus walking up to you and saying hi. Weird.

:[ – This face says “Meh” so you don’t have to.

Le Lapin Rouge – The red rabbit or the white rabbit? Which will you choose? Life is all about choices.

Not Particularly Super Hero – His side kick and best friend is Mediocre-Man.

Geolocator – All the functionality (okay maybe not all) of a GPS with none of the annoying “Turn left in 15 feet”.

:-/– I like calling this one McSlantsalot.

The Black Knight Helmet is going to be discontinued in the next few days. Get it while you can!

Talk about the new stuff here.