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Building with Friends

September 28, 2009

by John Shedletsky


Today we’ve enabled a new feature that we’re testing out called Building with Friends.  Group owners now have the ability to create a building place for their group.


What makes Building with Friends special?

  • Group Building Place
    • Group owners can decide who can build in their group’s place: admins only or all members.
    • Group owners can decide who can visit their place: group members only, or all users.
  • Special Building Tools designed for multiplayer
    • We’ve introduced a new set of building tools that will only work at a short distance. This makes sure that you can’t delete things from across the map
    • As time goes on, we’ll be improving these tools
  • Insert
    • You can now insert objects in multiplayer.  However for security reasons, we currently remove most Scripts from them, so some items may not work. 
    • We’re working on a solution to make this better
  • AutoSave
    • While lots of people can “play” in a group place, there is only one server that allows building.  This is because it saves automatically over time. You may notice a slight pause in gameplay when the save happens, and you will be notified with a message on your screen.
    • Group Owners can rollback a place to a previous revision (or even reset it)

Now we know things aren’t perfect, but we wanted to get it out there so people can start playing with it to give us feedback.

This feature is also part of our BCBeta program.  BCBeta features are available to Builders Club Members only.  We hope you enjoy the feature, and want to assure everyone we’re actively working to improve it.

Go here to talk about Building with Friends in our Forum.

-Madrak and RobloTim