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A Well Gnome Fact

September 24, 2009

by John Shedletsky


It’s a well known fact that we’ve released a ton of awesome hats lately!

Lawn Gnome – Fun activity of the day – Dress up as a lawn gnome. Travel the world taking pictures of yourself at world landmarks. Mail to friends anonymously.

Commando Frog – You’re the fiercest frog of them all!

Mr. Robot – So cool! I made something like this when I was a kid … okay it was yesterday. Still cool!

Semi Colon Open Paren 😉 I love to wink!

Sir Burnsalot – The glory of his helm burns me! A lot!

Tiny Toaster – Mmm… I like toast… and waffles… pretty much anything that comes out of a toaster is cool with me.

Blond Roblohunk – I didn’t think this hair could get any hunkier… but then it did! It got 27% more hunky!

Bandit the Bumbling Puppy – What crazy mischief will he get into next? I don’t know but I don’t really care because I love puppies!

Talk about the awesome new hats here!