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Yee Haw!

August 18, 2009

by John Shedletsky


We’ve got some great new western gear for you today.

Cavalry Sabre – Yee haw! This classic sabre will put your enemies on the run!

US Cavalry Hat – Perfect for when you’re protecting the new frontier.

Robber Baron Top Hat – Rob banks in style with the nifty hat.

Scarecrow – If he only had a brain!

Mad Cow – This hat makes me want a cheezburger.

Fräulein – She’s stern, but fair.

Gaze of Socom1880 – The next hat in our intern collection. This one is also limited edition.

Fastfood Worker – Perfect for those who like fastfood tycoons.

That’s all for today! You can talk about the newest items on our forums.