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Check out the latest hats and faces!

August 4, 2009

by John Shedletsky


Shiny Hair – Perfect for all the Shiny Happy Robloxians out there!

The Scarlett O’Hara – Oh Fiddle-dee-dee Melanie! I’ll think about that tomorrow.

Big Oil Man – A big oil man needs a big oil hat. Don’t worry – it’s made of fake albino alligator skin – not the real thing.

I Hate Noobs – A perfect face for when you’re out there pwning noobs.

Infidel Castor – Thinking about banana republics always makes me want a fruit smoothie.

Mask of Bloxzebub – Bloxzebub has a blox put aside for me.

Still Life – This hat also makes me want a fruit smoothie. I’ll drink it while painting something.

Viking Plundercap – An excellent multi-use hat. This cap is great for plundering as well as pillaging.

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