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Aloha Friday and Spooky Saturday!

August 8, 2009

by John Shedletsky


Aloha and Boo! Check out the great stuff we have for you guys this weekend:

Visage of Rao – Cursed Tiki Mask? I think so.

Bucket Hat (Not the real one) – Beat the heat with this sweet bucket hat! Seriously…getting a sunburn on your scalp is not fun.

Lei – “Oh we’re going, to the hukilau /

Huki huki, huki huki, huki hukilau”

Chill Tiki – Relax with this beautiful tiki mask.

Momento Mori Mask – This mask is a reminder of your own mortality. Also, it looks awesome!

Medusa – Once you’ve seen this hat – it’s too late. You’re stone.

Horned Velociraptor Skull – This hat is ancient. Some scientists would probably be pretty mad if you dropped it.

Maniacal Pumpkin Bomb – A very fine explosive! Perfect for every spooky occasion.

The rest of the items will be sold on Sunday and Monday.

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