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Wizard Wonderland

July 16, 2009

by John Shedletsky

Archive News

ROBLOX is filled with magic! We’ve released some wonderous new wizard hats and put some older ones on sale. Check them out:

Crimson Wizard Hat of Dragonkind – The rarest of our wizard hats. Don’t worry – no real dragons were harmed to make this hat.

Blue Hydromage Wizard Hat – Harness the unrelenting power of the sea with this hat.

Dark Wizard’s Hat of Gloom – The wearer of this hat haz a sad. Cheer up!

Apprentice Wizard Hat – The life of a wizard apprentice is very hard. Forced to perform magic all day, they rarely have time to mend their hats.

Red Wizard Hat of Flames – Currently the most popular wizard hat in our collection. This wizard only uses his fiery powers for good…. or does he?

Frumpled Wizard Hat of Old Coots – A classic wizard hat – perfect for those wizards who are wise beyond their years.

Violet Wizard Hat of Nightshade – Alchemist or wizard? The difference between being seen as scientific or crazy is all in the way you frame it. This hat will frame you as the latter.

Green Wizard Hat of Vitae – In touch with the earth and the soil – this wizard recognizes the value of minimizing your carbon footprint by planting trees in the rainforest.

In addition to our awesome new wizard hats, we’ve put our witch hats back on sale for a limited time.

Witch Hat – Back on sale for a short while – get them while they last!

White Witch Hat – For the good witches out there! Also works as an excellent disguise for wicked witches.

Since we have a bunch of new wizard hats, we are going to stop selling the original Wizard’s Hat in a couple of days. We wanted to let you know so that those of you who want it have a chance to purchase it before it goes off sale.

We’re going to be discontinuing some hats in the coming weeks. We’ll do our best to make a news post about the item before we discontinue it so that you have a chance to get it before it goes off sale.

Talk about the wizard hats here.

– Brighteyes