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Status Updates, Best Friends, and Feeds, oh my

July 30, 2009

by roblosam


We were feeling social these last few weeks, so we’ve brought you a whole bunch of new social features to enjoy on

Status Updates

Now you can update your status on Roblox, and tell all your friends what you’re doing right now. You can update your status by clicking on My Roblox or by viewing your own profile page while logged in. All status updates will be visble to all of your friends, and will show up in the feeds of those who have you as a best friend. Tell them how you’re pwning the opposition… then shamefully admit how you got pwned 5 minutes in.

Best Friends

Choose up to 10 of your friends to be “best friends.” You can do this by going to your friends page and clicking “Add Best Friend” next to any of your friends, or go to a friend’s profile page and click the “Add Best Friend” link next to their avatar. Your best friends will show up in a list on your “My Roblox” page, and you’ll be able to see what they’re up to in your feed.


Follow your best friends! The new Roblox Feed collects and displays status updates from your best friends, so you’re always in the loop. And status updates are just the beginning – expect to see all kinds of interesting info about your best friends coming soon.

As always, we’ll be filtering and moderating your status updates, so be nice!


Your formerly Canadian Roblo-Sam