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Social Feature Bonanza!

July 30, 2009

by Tim Brown



Ever wanted to have your OWN forum for just you and your friends? Your own hang out spot? A place to talk about how much cooler pirates are than ninjas? Have you ever had the desire to show everyone where your allegiance lies? Well now you can. Groups are here!

Groups, one of our two social features this release, can be created by Builders Club and Turbo Builders Club members, but can be joined by all users. You may have up to FIVE groups at any time, and may leave your groups freely at any time with one exception: group owners can not leave the groups they’ve created!

Group Setttings

We’ve given you a few options to manage the way users interact with your group so you can make it as exclusive, or as open, as you’d like.

Users can currently be one of three roles within a group: Owner, Admin, or Member. A group may only have one Owner at any time, but may have as many Admins and Members as you’d like. Admins can do everything an owner can do except for changing the group description.

Additionally, Owners and Admins can change their group’s settings to restrict group entry to invite only, make the group wall viewable to group members only, and restrict posting to admins only.

How do I find a group?

The easiest way to find a group right now is by looking on a user’s profile page in the new “Groups” panel. Here you can see all of the groups a user is in, and go to that group’s public profile page by clicking on the emblem. We realize the ability to search for a goup will be in high demand are working on a search feature.

How much does it cost?

Joining a group is FREE! And Builders Club and Turbo Builders Club members can create a new group for only 100 ROBUX!