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ROBLOX Tutorial Video Contest

July 24, 2009

by reesemcblox


It’s time for another video contest! Yay! It would be great to highlight some ROBLOX Tutorial videos. We really like it when the users try to help each other. For this contest we want you to make a tutorial video of how to do or create something in ROBLOX.

Here are some example videos. Your contest entries would be shorter than these, but just as awesome.

What do to:

Make a short (60 second) tutorial to explain how to do something on ROBLOX or in ROBLOX Studio. A tutorial would show the exact steps of how to make or create something. As shown in the examples above, the tutorial doesn’t need music or action. You can record yourself talking and explaining the steps, or use captions to explain the steps. Show us what a good helper you are!

Here is how to enter:

  1. Post your Tutorial to YouTube

  2. Put your ROBLOX username in the description blurb.

    Can teams enter? No. Only the video creator is entered.

  3. Add the tag "ROBLOX Tutorial August 2009" in the video description area

  4. Enter your username and video link on the Entry Form

Here are the rules for the tutorials format. Videos that break these rules will not win.

  • Videos must be newly uploaded (from the start of the contest). If you made a good tutorial before just re-upload it.

  • Video must be at most 60 seconds long including the credits time

  • Credits are at the end of the video, not the beginning

  • Does not show any scamming, hacking, exploiting or rule-breaking

  • Username of the video creator is shown in the video credits

  • Only contains ROBLOX video or user-generated text (captions)

  • Includes no copyright music. Music from a creative commons site like this one is Ok

How to win:

1. Post your Tutorial with the "ROBLOX Tutorial August 2009" tag

2. Enter your information on the Entry Form

3. Collect views until the deadline

Winning Prizes!
  • Everyone who enters correctly will win the Entry Hat
  • Top 100 viewed tutorials will win the top 100 Prize Hat and Entry Hat
  • Staff will watch the Top 100 viewed tutorials to find the 10 best!
  • Top 10 best tutorials selected by staff will be highlighted on the News for fame and recognition! They will forever be known as super helpful!

The contest starts now! The last possible time to upload your video and still enter is August 4 at noon Pacific. Any tutorials uploaded after that will not be entered. The staff will review the top 100 viewed tutorials after that to pick the 10 best. All prizes will be given and winners announced by [Postponed to Aug 14, 2009 5pm Pacific]

Go ahead and get started creating those ROBLOX tutorials! If you’ve never made a video before check out this How To. I’m sure you can get a lot of tutorialgood steps into a 60 second video. Give it a try!

Some possible topics

(or make up your own!)  

– Make clothes

– Script a VIP door

– Make a vehicle

– Fly a plane

– Add a friend to your friendlist

– Make a talking brick

– Use the new features

– Make a quiz

– PM a friend

– Make a Tycoon

Talk more about this contest on our forums!