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ROBLOX Time Warp!

July 18, 2009

by John Shedletsky

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We’ve got some great new gear and musical instruments.

Stone Hammer – Straight to you all the way from the stone age!

Wooden Club – You wouldn’t want your name on this VIP list of this club.

Spooky Guitar – This guitar is haunted! When I tried to play a song some very creepy notes came out instead.

Jungle Guitar – This guitar’s tones are bright and tropical.

Loyal Order of the Water Buffaloes Ceremonial Headdress – This ceremonial hat is only worn on the days of the most important ceremonies.

Triceratops – Oh man…the scientists are pretty mad about us offering this rare fossil as a hat. If you’re strong enough to wear this heavy hat on your head, you’re probably fast enough to escape from the angry mob of paleontologists.

Cursed Mask of Quetzalcoatl – Only for the truly brave. This mask is cursed, but if you’re brave enough to wear it, people will speak of your courage for years to come.

Lost Headdress of Tenochtitlan – We got this out of the lost and found. We had a pretty strong hunch that the original owner wasn’t going to be coming back for it.

These hats will be released on Sunday. Here’s a preview:

Xolotl’s Aztec Warrior Mask – Aztec warriors were very powerful. Perhaps this hat will help you channel their strength.

Sun Accolade – Love the sun and it will love you back…. in the summer at least…winter not so much.

Worshipper of Ixchel – Legend had it that Ixchel could heal any ailment.

Green Mad Scientist Hair – This is what happens when you try to create your own experimental shampoo. Mad scientists should focus on mad science – not hair products.

Talk about the new hats here.

– Brighteyes