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Pirates ‘N Ponies!

July 25, 2009

by John Shedletsky


We’ve released a lot of piratetastic new things this weekend. Check them out!

Pirate Headband – This headband be fer yer most loyal pirate mateys.

Captain Spack Jarrow – Nothing better than a brave pirate and his feathered first mate.

Walk the Plank You Scurvy Dogs – The perfect face for making someone walk the plank. This is face is also good for other pirate activities – don’t let the name fool you. Pirates actually lead very rich and full lives.

Skele-Tar – Accompanies pirate sea shanties perfectly.

Pirate Juice If pirates drank more juice, they wouldn’t get scurvy as often. Don’t forget to drink your juice.

Imperial Shako – Sworn enemy of the pirate. Do you have what it take to keep these waters safe from pirates?

I bet you guys were wondering where the ponies came in. Here it is:

Charles Owen Beagler – Riding ponies is pretty fun. What could make it more fun? Riding ponies and wearing this sophisticated hat!

Golden Hair – This hair is great if: 1) You like to ride ponies 2) You’re Goldilocks 3) You like things that are awesome

Talk about the pirate and ponies here.