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Mask Mania!

July 31, 2009

by John Shedletsky


Today we’ve released some of our collection of masks from around the world.

Neon Calaca – In Mexico, many people celebrate the Day of the Dead by wearing Calaca masks and making small offerings to the dead.

Mighty Mask of Zeus – Zeus had magnificent powers. This mask won’t make you as powerful as Zeus, but it will make you look as cool!

African Mask – Warm and bright like the sun over the equator!

Beijing Opera Mask – Take in some culture at the Beijing Opera. Buy this cool mask as a souvenir!

Turkey Leg – Delicious and nutritious!

Ram Horned Helm of Sir Ralston – A mighty helm, fit only for the strongest Robloxians. It’s rumored that Sir Ralston constructed his hat with his bare hands.

Cinnamon Hair -Silky and sassy hair for today’s girl on the go.

French Brimmed Cap – Classy and classic!

Talk about the new masks here!