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Howdy Partners!

July 12, 2009

by John Shedletsky

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We’ve got some great things in our catalog!

Check out this awesome stuff:

Staff of the Woodlands – The magical staff of the woodlands allows you to hide yourself from your enemies for a short time. An excellent tool when used wisely.

Pirate Cutlass – Avast ye matey! This Cutlass be for the mightiest of pirates!

Knight’s Sword – Perfect for slaying dragons and saving maidens.

Cheese Hat – We’ve imported these Cheese Hats from Wisconsin just for you!

Brown Cowboy Hat – Goes great with the Banjo. Perfect for a night out at the saloon or just hanging out with other Cowboys.

Banjo – Yee haw! Play yourself a genuine banjo tune at the local hoedown.

Steampunk Aetherspectacles – This hat won’t allow you to see ghosts but it does make you look unbelievably hip.

Legendary Electrum Helmet of Arcane Secrets – This hat hides legendary secrets. You know what they say about secrets – they’re never fun unless their shared with everyone. I wouldn’t share this hat though.

Sunday Bonnet – It’s called a Sunday Bonnet, but I see no problem with wearing this on a Saturday or maybe even a Tuesday.

Talk about all the cool new stuff here.