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Builders Club Upgrades Now Available

July 8, 2009

by Tim Brown


We are happy to announce that Builders Club upgrades are now available. All of the benefits of both Builders Club and Turbo Builders Club remain the same, but you can now upgrade from regular to Turbo. Just go to the Builders Club page or your Account Upgrades page and click Upgrade on the Turbo Builders Club membership you’d like.

Builders Club Upgrade

You can also extend your current membership, regular or Turbo, or even downgrade from Turbo Builders Club to regular Builders Club. You can even change from or to a recurring monthly membership at any time.

When upgrading from regular Builders Club, you will immediately receive the benefits of Turbo Builders Club and the days left on your current membership will be converted to Turbo days and added to your new membership. Similar rules apply when downgrading. All changes require purchase of a new membership.

For all the details, go to the Builders Club page and check out the Builders Club FAQ for more.

We worked hard to make account changes easier to do and to understand.