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Adventures on the High Seas … and in the Pool!

July 23, 2009

by John Shedletsky


Mr. Tentacles’ Guide to the Sand and the Sea – Mr. Tentacles has lived his whole life in the sea and by the sand. This guide is interesting and informative at the same time!

RobloFish (TM) Swim Goggles – Interested in becoming an Olympic Athlete? These goggles are the first stop on your long journey.

Fish Head – Like this book says – Fish are friends and should be treated as such.

Mrs. Tentacles – Little known fact – Mrs. Tentacles is a strong supporter of the Fish are Friends movement.

Dreadblox – I hope this jam is gonna last.

This Hair Goes to 11 – Warning: If you cut this hair – it might only go to ten and a half.

Normal Boy Hair -Delightfully plain.

Star Princess Hair – I don’t see people from Earth sporting this style too often. Let’s start a trend.

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– Brighteyes