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You Dropped a Bomb on Me!

June 9, 2009

by John Shedletsky

Archive News

Fuse Bomb – The most explosive gear to hit Robloxia yet! This bomb creates a powerful explosion and you only have a few seconds to get away after you drop one. Hope you’re a fast runner!

Redcoat hat
– The redcoats are coming? Yeah Paul…you might wanna tell someone about that.

Pikeman Commander – Command your fellow pikeman in style with this sweet commander’s helmet.

Bombastic Gift of Builder’s Club
– I don’t know what’s in here. I asked Telamon but he wouldn’t tell me anything. My guess is that whatever is in that box will be epic.

Scuba Helmet
– Explore the deep with Steve Zissou – or maybe just your ROBLOX friends.

Desert Legionnaire
– Keeps your Robloxian head cool when you’re out battling under the scorching desert sun.

Army Cap – Won’t keep your head safe in battle, but it certainly makes you look official.

Purple Turban – “Open Sesame!” This hat will open doors for you – not literally though…

Winged Helmet –A soldier of the ancient gods is granted the speed of lightning and the weight of air to take flight against his enemies.

Also – we’ve released quite a few new faces in the past couple weeks. Here are some to check out:



Adorable Puppy

Cute Kitty

Talk about the new stuff here.