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When Animals Attack!

June 30, 2009

by John Shedletsky


ROBLOX has been plagued by animal attacks lately. First there was Shark Attack, then Cheetar, and now Croc Attack! Croc Attacks are always a danger to explorers of the deep. To combat this rise in Croc Attacks – we’ve released the Crocodile Hunter. Wear the Crocodile Hunter to keep our waters safe!

We’ve released some cool related faces.

Koala – Do crocs eat Koalas? Wear this face and do an experiment.

Ghostface – This face looks anguished. Perfect if you’re head is being eaten by a croc, shark, or cheetah!

Train Conductor – All Aboard! Next stop – Fun!

Sheik – A necessity for every chic Sheik!

Bobby Cap – Keep the peace in this smart cap.

Bathysphere – Explore the deep with this cool Bathysphere! Just watch out for sharks and crocs – I hear attacks are on the rise.

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