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Welcome the Interns

June 16, 2009

by reesemcblox


You know it’s really Summer when the interns come to ROBLOX! They’ve started arriving. Let’s meet the first two.


Core433 is working for us during his Summer break from Stanford University. A lot of the ROBLOX team went to Stanford University (Builderman, Telamon, and Madrak)!

I asked him about his hobbies…

“My hobbies include drawing, gaming, and writing fun little programs.  I’m currently working on a small OpenGL side game as a hobby / project.  I also like playing basketball, which is my favorite sport.  I’m very passionate about games and graphics and think working at Roblox is the coolest.  One day I’d like to become the "graphics" guy at a startup, like Renderman.”


xmaximusx is a college student from UCLA. Brighteyes went there for college too! He has come up from LA to work during the Summer.  He and Core433 are working together on some secret awesome projects.

Here is what he says about himself…

“I like to play basketball, hike, run, and travel. Regarding games, I enjoy real-time strategy games and first-person shooters. I like programming graphics and databases. I’m really excited to be paired with one of the talented engineers at ROBLOX and make it an even more awesome game!”

What do interns do? 

At ROBLOX they are programming and working on code projects, following the direction of one of our Devs. Each intern is paired with a dev. It’s like being an apprentice. Being an intern is a great learning experience.

Intern is a real job and at ROBLOX we are very selective. We interviewed many to find just the right ones.

So please say “hi” to the interns and welcome them for the Summer! You can send them a private message to say hi on this official greeting forum. There are more interns coming next week. We can’t wait to meet them!