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Sweet Hats and Gear

June 17, 2009

by John Shedletsky


Rolling Pin – Sweet new gear! This rolling pin is not for making cookies. Looks great with the chef hat!

Clockwork’s Shades -It’s almost summer so these glasses came just in time. They look cool and protect your eyes from the brilliance of the Robloxian Sun.

Colonel Electric 144 Hz RCA TruVision
– When you’re wearing this hat, you’re the star!

Googlor – Our most fearsome robot head yet. The Googlor will do a lot more than search the web.

Red Samurai Helmet
– A great helmet. Built strong enough to protect even the most combative warriors. Goes great with the Katana.

Nerd Glasses – So nerdy that they go beyond nerdy and wrap back around to awesome.

Musketeer – The hat is epic and affordable. It looks good with pretty much any sword, which is funny because it’s not a sword hat, it’s a musketeer hat.