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Robots Invade ROBLOX

June 20, 2009

by John Shedletsky

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This week ROBLOX introduced genres as a new way to classify things and places. To celebrate we’ve decided to release a bunch of items in the science fiction genre.

Duragizer Evercell
– This little robot hat just goes on and on…and on. Perfect if you’re the little robot who could….

ASCII White – Quite possibly the best of the new robot hats. The ASCII White has a sweet targeting monocle. Perfect if you have lasers for eyes.

Princedom Janitor Bot
– For the prince – or janitor in your life.

Atropos XR
– A hat for an elite robot leader. His jaw could crush the largest SUV that Detroit can dream up.

DOS 5.0 I almost think we should name this one Cute Bot 3000. Adorable!

Galatea 3.2 – Galatea 3.2 looks friendly enough…but is she really? Not if she’s armed with the new Subspace Tripmine.

– Fighting spam is an endless job. Truly for those warriors with endurance.

Loltacular Fathers’ Day Golf Cap
– For all the dads out there – or the people who have dads. Celebrate father’s day with this awesome cap. Available for a very limited time.

XLS Mark II Pulse Laser Pistol – This laser pistol is amazing. A strong weapon, but definitely not silent. Pew pew!

Subspace Tripmine – This mine turns invisible once you drop it. After that watch out – it will go off if anything touches it. It’s fun to drop a bunch of these and then shoot it with the laser pistol.

Spec-Alpha Biograft Energy Sword – This epic sword not only damages your opponent but also makes you jump higher. This sword was inside the Bombastic Gift of Builder’s Club and is not available for purchase.

We also released the police baton. Not in the science fiction genre – but still pretty cool.

Police Baton – Keep the peace with this baton. Remember to respect the badge and only use force when necessary.

Talk about the new science fiction items here.