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ROBLOX Trailer Video Contest

June 01, 2009

by reesemcblox


Hi everybody! It’s time for another contest! We’re putting on an event to create some great new videos for the ROBLOX home page – where Telamon’s videos usually go.

The top 10 winning videos will be shown on the ROBLOX homepage. The videos will be shown for various amounts of time at our discretion. Only the best videos can be shown on our home page, so check out Telamon’s trailers as a good example.

What To Do

Make a short (30-45 second) trailer that shows off how awesome ROBLOX game play is. A trailer is like a teaser that doesn’t tell a whole story. Your ROBLOX trailer should show some exciting parts of ROBLOX.

Here is how to enter:

  1. Post your trailer to YouTube

  2. Put your ROBLOX username in the description blurb.

    Can teams enter? No. Only the video creator is entered.

  3. Add the tag "ROBLOX trailer June 2009" in the video description

  4. Enter your username and video link on the Entry Form [form now closed].

Here are the rules for the video format. Videos that break these rules will not win.

  1. Credits are at the end of the video, not the beginning

  2. The video creator’s ROBLOX username is listed in the video credits

  3. The name of any music is listed in the video credits

  4. Only contains 100% ROBLOX video. No video from other sources.

  5. Includes no copyright music. Music from a creative commons site like Jamendo are Ok.

  6. Follow the widescreen (16×9) and High Definition HD standards.

    Read more about it on YouTube


The contest starts now and goes for 1 week. The staff will get the list of the top 100 viewed trailers on June 8, 2009 at noon Pacific. Any trailers uploaded after that will not be entered. The staff will review the top 100 viewed trailers to pick the 10 best. All prizes will be given and winners announced by June 15, 2009 5pm Pacific.

How To Win

  1. Post your trailer with the High Definition HD format and "ROBLOX trailer June 2009" tag. Only HD trailers will be considered for the contest.

  2. Have a short trailer! Only 45 seconds of video maximum!

  3. Enter your information on the Entry Form.

  4. Collect views until the deadline

Winners requirements:
  • Everyone who enters correctly will win the Entry TV Head Hat

  • Top 100 viewed trailers will win the top 100 Prize TV Head Hat

  • The staff will pick the 10 Best from the Top 100 trailers!

  • Top 10 trailers selected by staff will be shown on the Home page and give the winners fame and recognition!

You may only post links to your trailer video in the ROBLOXiwood forum! Posts anywhere else will be removed.

Ok now get to work making ROBLOX trailers! For those of you just getting started check out this How To. Remember, it needs to be short – only like 30-45 seconds long – and needs to be HD high quality! I know there will be some amazingly great ones within a week or less. You guys always surprise me!

Talk more about this contest on our ROBLOX Talk Forum, and post your video links in the ROBLOXiwood Forum.