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Motocross Fun

June 11, 2009

by John Shedletsky


Motocross #91: Skull – This hat is only for those riders that are truly daring. It has danger written all over it … which is quite an accomplishment for something that keeps your head so safe.

Motocross #62: Fire – This one is awesome, it looks like you’re on fire, but you’re totally not! Also, there are a lot of cool clothes in the catalog that match this hat.

Eagle Crested Woodsman Cap
– Great for a trip into the woods or a more casual stroll around town. This is the kind of hat that makes you look friendly and cool in an understated way.

Robotron 9000 – We no longer say yes. Instead we say ‘affirmative’.… unless it’s a more colloquial situation with a few robo-friends.

We also released some more cool faces.

Muttdawg– Looks like it could be a bruin to me, but expressions are always open to interpretation.

Quackface McGraw – A great bird face. It would be funny to wear this with Mr. Quackers.

Talk about the new hats and faces here.