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Hat & Gear Bonanza!

June 6, 2009

by John Shedletsky

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We’ve released a ton of new items this week. Here are some highlights:

The Katana – the mighty Katana is the newest in our line of swords. Strategy is the craft of the warrior.

Claymore – Defend your castle with this sword, which the great McBlox clan has perfected over many generations. This sword must be sharpened every seven days.

Royal Crown
– This crown is the most majestic crown in all of Robloxia. The wearer of this crown commands the admiration of all.

Korblox Mandible Helmet
– With these giant mandibles you can eat anything that crosses your path…or just whatever looks tasty. The choice is yours.

Hedge Wizard’s Hat – Perfect for when you’re mixing potions, casting spells, or using the magical Staff of Sparks.

Pikeman Helmet
– Fortune favors the brave … and those with helmets.

French Legionnaire’s Cap
– Anyone can join the French Foreign Legion. I would do it just to get this cool hat.

El Matador
– Bull fighters must be very brave and very strong. Are you very brave and very strong? Prove it!

Caesar’s Helmet – “I came, I saw, I conquered” and so can you in this helmet that has protected famous heads for centuries.

Talk about the new items here.