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Cranking on Some New Gear

June 4, 2009

by John Shedletsky



The Best Healing Potion in Any Videogame Ever

So you’re playing some old RPG and you’re drinking healing potions like mad. Did ever wonder: “where do all the empty bottles go?” Well, in ROBLOX, your guy just chucks them in the general direction he’s facing and then when they hit something you hear an incredibly satisfying shatter sound. So fun. It’s almost a bonus that it also heals you to full health!


The Staff of the Woodlands

This item will help you to move unseen – like the wind through the leaves. It’s most useful in hectic battles or in dark levels with lots of cover. It doesn’t grant complete invisibility, so don’t expect to hide in plain sight. Rumor has it that the Druids of the Great Tree are especially adept at hiding with this item.

– Telamon