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And Now … Turbo Builders Club

June 18, 2009

by Tim Brown


My fellow ROBLOXians! Today I write you with some very exciting news. Here at the ROBLOX headquarters we’ve realized the need for a more exclusive membership option. As our league of Builders Club members has become larger we’ve decided to offer a membership option with greater rewards: one that will make you richer, cooler, and definitely better looking… We present the Turbo Builders Club.

Members of this paid premium service receive all of the benefits of the regular Builders Club, including selling shirts and pants, and not seeing ads. In addition, Turbo Builders Club members receive a few exclusive upgrades from regular Builders Club:

  • twenty-five places instead of ten
  • a daily income of 35 ROBUX
  • the exclusive Turbo Builders Club site managers hat
  • an exclusive gear item.

We are also introducing a lifetime signing bonus (once per account) of 100 ROBUX for all new Builders Club and Turbo Builders Club members.

You can sign up for Turbo Builders Club here.

A Special Thanks to Current BC Members

To show our appreciation for all of our loyal and dedicated Builders Club members, we are retroactively granting the same signing bonus mentioned above to all currently active BC members. Thanks!


For the next little bit, BC members (new and existing) will not be able to upgrade to Turbo BC – you can subscribe to Turbo BC after your current membership expires, but you cannot upgrade. This is strictly a technical limitation, and we will be introducing an upgrade option for everyone very shortly. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks guys,

– RobloTim

PS – And yes, I’m back.