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Vehicle Mania!

May 5, 2009

by David Baszucki

Archive Tech

We released a new game object today – the “Vehicle Seat”. Vehicle seats automate a bunch of things to create easily drivable, online multiplayer vehicles. We’ve also added some prototype vehicle chassis to the toolbox. You can get vehicle seats from the toolbox as well.

When you attach a vehicle seat to a model a bunch of things happen. All hinge joints in the model are detected. Joints that align with the forward/backward direction of the seat are automatically powered when a character sits in the seat. Vehicles are controlled with the arrow and asdw letter keys. To leave a vehicle – just jump with the space bar.


You can tune your seat for different vehicles. The monster vehicle above by Telamon with truss wheel extensions requires fairly high torque to get over obstacles and totally pwn players who are unfortunate enough to be running around on the ground.


The mobile castle vehicle by Renderman has a wide wheelbase. Because the current vehicle model just adjusts the torque on all four wheels, he had to reduce the friction on his wheels to get the model to turn/slip around corners.


We spent yesterday afternoon at ROBLOX HQ playing with the new vehicle seat. We found the mobile castle vehicle is prone rocket attacks on the driver and to jumpers-on who climb to the top of the moving castle. Besides a lot of creative work, the suggestions were flying fast and furious. Airplane seats? Hover seats? Tank treads?

Talk more about vehicles on our forums – ideas, questions, and your thoughts!