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The Hatsplosion Continues!

May 11, 2009

by Becky "reesemcblox" Herndon

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Can you believe all these hats? It’s crazy! Here we have some cool new hats to satisfy all your dressing-up needs.

Rasta Hat – Reggae Against the Machine!

Umbrella Hat – Tut tut! Looks like rain!

Dalmation Hat – Forget about calling the fashion police. Get me the UN! This is a crime against humanity!

Can this madness continue? We dare you to stick around and find out.

In other news, you can check out what Builderman is up to on twitter!

You don’t have to get a twitter account to follow him. Just bookmark his page.

Talk more about the new hats (all of them), and Builderman’s twitter feed on our forums!