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Ten Things We Like About You

May 5, 2009

by reesemcblox


Medieval Edition

Again, we’re giving some recognition to the cool things the ROBLOX community are creating. There’s no end to the creative stuff you keep coming up with..

We’re on a medieval kick this week as we approach the release of an epic new era in ROBLOX. I don’t want to steal Telamon’s thunder so I’ll just say it’s EPIC.

In my previous post there was a parade of classic ROBLOX hats on the medieval theme. There are also tons of models and decals too! Be sure to check in the Catalog for more of them to put together the perfect outfit!

Thanks to the community for working on their own to create things that are interesting to them. Kudos!


Ten Things We Like About You Small Print – This is not a contest. The players mentioned are getting recognition, no prize or currency. The items were picked by the ROBLOX Staff for fitting the theme. And because they liked them.