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ROBLOX is exploring the new world!

May 21, 2009

by John Shedletsky

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Everyone knows you can’t stake your claim on the New World without the right tools. You’ll need:

Conquistador Helmet – This hat was worn by the Spanish Conquistadors when they were exploring the new world. It kept their heads safe from unexpected attacks by the natives and falling apples.

Brown Ushanka – What’s the weather like in the new world? Robloxians have no hair of their own to keep them warm so this is a valid question. With this hat, you’ll be set either way.

Of course, a couple of facial expressions are also necessary for exploration:

Dizzy – This face is very appropriate when you’re going in circles looking for the Fountain of Youth.

Meow? – Watch out- this cat has claws! And very sharp teeth…

Now I’m off to explore Robloxia! Be on the lookout for more new things to be released this weekend. You can talk about all the cool new items here.